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Bathroom Cleaning

  1. Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner
    Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner

    Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner makes it easy to remove soap scum and hard water build-up from your shower doors and mirrors.

    7.75 $7.75
  2. Magic Grout Cleaner
    Grout Cleaner for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

    Take the work out of grout cleaning with Magic Grout & Tile Cleaner. It's fast-acting formula cleans grout quickly and effectively.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic Mold & Mildew Cleaner
    Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

    Magic Mold & Mildew Stain Remover has four powerful cleaning agents which lift stains from the surface and sheeting action helps prevent new stains from appearing.

    7.49 $7.49
  4. Bathroom Cleaning Kit
    Bathroom Cleaning Kit

    The unappealing bathroom cleaning task can be a lot easier with the Magic Bathroom Cleaning Kit. It includes powerful cleaners with Stay Clean Technology and comes with free shipping.

    35.01 $35.01 Regular Price 37.21 $37.21

Bathroom Accessories

  1. Large Splash Guard for Tubs & Showers
    Splash Guard - Large

    Prevent water from splashing out of your tub with the large, protective, easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard.

    11.99 $11.99
    Out of stock
  2. Magic Splash Guard Kit
    Splash Guard Kit

    Prevent water from spilling out of your tub or shower with the easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard Kit.

    6.99 $6.99
  3. Magic Shower Squeegee

    For expert cleaning of shower doors and mirrors you need the right tools. Use Magic Squeegee to keep your bathroom glass spotless.

    6.99 $6.99
  4. Magic Bath Mat
    Bath Mat

    The Magic Bath Mat uses suction cups to adhere to the bathtub surface to keep it in place while the slip resistance surface provides firm footing.

    8.99 $8.99
  5. Magic Adhesive Damage-Free Hooks
    Adhesive, Damage-Free Hooks

    Decorate your bathroom with Magic Damage-Free Hooks for convenience and ease. Use in your sink, tub or shower a great solution to keep your bathroom organized.

    7.49 $7.49
  6. Magic Drain Strainer
    Drain Strainer - 3 pack

    Stainless steel drain strainers have finely spaced mesh that still allows perfect water flow. 

    6.99 $6.99
  7. Magic Tub Stopper
    Tub Stopper

    Magic Tub stopper is a multi-fit stopper that is great for sinks, basins, tubs, laundry tubs and other drain openings.

    7.49 $7.49
  8. Magic Shower Hook with Suction Cup
    Shower Hook

    For a simple, convenient option for hanging netted sponges, bath brushes and luffas choose Magic Shower Hook.

    6.99 $6.99
  9. Suction Cup Soap Dish for Showers
    Soap Dish

    The Magic Soap Dish provides convenient, easy-to-install storage dish for your bar of soap.

    7.49 $7.49
  10. Shower Basket with Suction Cups
    Shower Basket

    For an extra storage space in the shower, choose Magic Shower Basket. It can hold a variety of items to declutter your shelves, plus it's easy to install.

    9.49 $9.49
  11. Shower & Tub Safety Treads
    Safety Treads

    Improve the safety of your bathtub with Magic Safety Treads. They adhere directly to the tub surface and provide a slip resistant surface for firmer footing in the tub.

    6.99 $6.99
  12. Wall Hole Patch and Guard
    Wall Guard Patch

    The Magic Wall Guard Patch is a versatile tool to prevent holes in your walls from door knobs and to cover up existing holes. 

    6.99 $6.99
  13. Metal Counter Gap Eraser
    Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser

    When your counter and appliances aren't perfectly aligned, you need the Magic Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser to keep crumbs and utensils from falling into the gap.

    8.99 $8.99

Bathroom Repair

  1. Tub & Floor White Tape Caulk
    Tub & Floor Peel & Stick Caulk

    Recaulking your tub and floor doesn't have to be a pain with Magic Tub & Floor Peel & Stick Caulk. It's designed to provide a flush seal without the usual mess of caulking.

    7.25 $7.25
  2. Peel & Stick Caulk - White - Tub & Wall
    Tub & Wall Peel & Stick Caulk - Wide

    Recaulking your tub and wall doesn't have to be a pain with Magic Tub & Wall Peel & Stick Caulk. It's designed to provide a flush seal without the usual mess of caulking. 

    7.25 $7.25
  3. Tape Caulk for Shower and Wall
    Shower & Wall Peel & Stick Caulk - White

    Recaulking your shower and wall doesn't have to be a pain with Magic Shower & Wall Peel & Stick Caulk. It's designed to provide a flush seal without the usual mess of caulking.

    7.25 $7.25
  4. Porcelain Chip Fix Tool
    Porcelain Chip Fix

    Chips in porcelain are an eye sore, but they're easy to fix with the Magic Porcelain Chip Fix. It includes everything you need for minor chip repairs in sinks, tubs & toilets.

    6.99 $6.99
  5. Grout Coating Pen
    Tile Grout Coating Pen

    Hide stubborn grout stains instantly with the Magic Tile & Grout Coating Pen. This easy-to-use marker makes covering up grout stains a breeze.

    6.99 $6.99
  6. Spray Paint Tub Refinishing Kit
    Spray-On Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit

    The Magic Tub & Tile Refinishing Spray-On Kit includes complete instructions for you to make your old, beat-up tub look like new.

    37.99 $37.99
    Out of stock
  7. Paint On Tub Refinishing Kit
    Paint-On Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit

    The Magic Tub & Tile Refinsihing Paint-On Kit includes complete instructions for you to make your old, beat-up tub look like new.

    44.99 $44.99
    Out of stock
  8. Apartment fix up kit
    Quick Apartment Fix Up Kit

    Whether you rent or own, this is a great package for taking care of common apartment problems. Kit includes cauling, mold stain cleaner, door knob wall protectors and grout cleaners.

    35.5 $35.50 Regular Price 36.47 $36.47

Stainless Steel

  1. Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol
    Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Aerosol

    The foaming formula in the Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Aerosol clings to the surface and won't drip. The easy application means stunning stainless steel with less effort.

    7.99 $7.99
  2. Magic Stainless Steel Wipes
    Stainless Steel Wipes

    The convenience of Magic Stainless Steel Wipes means it's easier than ever for you to achieve a stunning shine.

    7.99 $7.99
  3. Magic Stainless Cleaner Spray
    Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Spray

    Packed with Stay Clean Technology, the Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Spray effectively removes fingerprints & smudges while also preventing them in the future.

    7.49 $7.49
  4. Moving day cleaning kit
    Moving Day Clean-Up Kit

    Moving means cleaning. Deep, difficult cleaning. This kit makes the most difficult cleaning tasks easier. Includes cleaners for your oven, tub, grout, cabinets & countertops. Comes with free shipping.

    39.99 $39.99 Regular Price 43.44 $43.44


  1. Cooktop & Stainless Cleaning Kit
    Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit

    Clean your kitchen less often and with better results with the Magic Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit. Comes with free shipping!

    35.02 $35.02 Regular Price 36.95 $36.95
  2. Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish

    Achieve a thorough, scratch-free clean with Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish. It breaks down tough, burned-on food and leaves a lasting polish.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner

    For quick clean-ups without worrying about scratches choose Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner. Keep a bottle handy for after those messy meals.

    6.99 $6.99


  1. Magic Cabinet & Wood Cleaner
    Cabinet & Wood Cleaner & Polish Spray

    Clean dust, dirt, food stains, grease and water marks off your cabinets with Magic Cabinet & Wood Cleaner & Polish. It even leaves a protective coating on cabinets after cleaning to resist stains.

    6.99 $6.99
  2. Magic Cabinet Cleaner
    Cabinet & Wood Cleaner & Polish Aerosol

    Magic Cabinet & Wood Cleaner & Polish Aerosol restores shine and beauty to your cabinets and furniture. It also leaves a transparent, protective coating to repel water marks, dirt and grime.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic furniture cleaning kit
    Leather & Wood Furniture Care Kit

    Keep all of your furniture looking it's best now and for years to come with Magic Leather & Wood Furniture Care Kit. Get free shipping!

    35.95 $35.95 Regular Price 37.45 $37.45


  1. Magic Leather Wipes
    Leather Wipes

    These convenient wipes allow you to easily clean and condition small objects like bags, shoes and purses all in one step.

    7.99 $7.99
  2. Leather cleaning bundle
    Leather Home & Car Care Kit

    Leather is a fantastic surface because of it's high-end look & comfort. Keeping it looking it's best takes work, but that work is made easy with the Magic Leather Care Kit.

    36.91 $36.91 Regular Price 38.95 $38.95
  3. Magic Leather Cleaner
    Leather Cleaner Spray

    Instantly revitalize leather with Magic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. The spray bottle is perfect for large objects like couches and furniture.

    7.49 $7.49


  1. Magic Granite Cleaner & Polish
    Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish Aerosol

    Magic Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish cleans away dirt, dust and grease while leaving a subtle polish on your stone countertops

    7.99 $7.99
  2. Magic Countertop Cleaner Spray
    Countertop Cleaner Spray

    Cleaning your countertops just got faster & easier with Magic Countertop Cleaner. It's formulated with Stay Clean Technology so countertops will stay clean longer too.

    6.99 $6.99
  3. Magic Counter Cleaner Aerosol
    Countertop Cleaner Aerosol

    Clean your countertops less often with Magic Countertop Cleaner. It's formulated with Stay Clean Technology to leave a protective coating which repels stains from dirt, dust and water.

    7.99 $7.99

Around the Home

  1. Magic Wonder Sponge
    Wonder Sponge

    Instantly remove dust & dirt! Magic Wonder Sponge is a quick, easy, chemical-free solution to clean and dust in hard to reach areas better than sprays and rags.

    7.99 $7.99