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Wall Guard Patch


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The Magic Wall Guard Patch is a versatile tool to prevent holes in your walls from door knobs and to cover up existing holes. You can even paint over it so it blends in with your wall color.

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  1. Make sure wall surface is clean, dry and free of dust.
  2. Peel backing paper from adhesive tape.
  3. Open the door to the wall and align the Wall Guard with the center of the doorknob.
  4. Press the Wall Guard firmly to the wall.
What is the diameter of the patch?

3.2” (8.2cm)

Will this stick to textured walls?

Yes it will.

Can this be painted to match the wall?

Yes it can! It can even be wallpapered.

Magic Wall Guard Patch quickly and easily repairs and protects walls from doorknob damage. Simply peel off the protective adhesive backing and stick the plate to the wall over the hole. You can even paint or wallpaper the plate to match the wall. Magic Wall Guard Patch is constructed of heavy-duty plastic to absorb the impact of opening doors. For your convenience, each package contains 3 patches so you can repair and protect multiple walls.

  1. Asegúrese de que la superficie de la pared esté limpia, seca y de que no tenga polvo.
  2. Retire el papel protector del reverso de la cinta adhesiva.
  3. Abra la puerta hacia la pared y alinee el protector de pared con el centro de la perilla de la puerta.
  4. Presione firmemente el protector de pared sobre ella.