Splash Guard - Large


Prevent water from splashing out of your tub with the large, protective, easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard.

Magic Splash Guard helps keep water in the tub and of of the bathroom floor, eliminating costly water damage and slippery areas. Peel & stick self-adhesive strips make it fast and easy to install.

Additional Supplies Needed: Bathroom cleaner or scouring powder, scrubbing pad, rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, paper towel or clean rags

Directions: Follow directions carefully for proper adhesion. Use only per label directions.

Surface Preparation: 1. Thoroughly clean tub & wall areas prior to application. Surfaces must be free of all soap film and residue. Wipe dry. 2. As a final preparation, clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Allow surfaces to dry completely before applying the splash guard.


  1. Splash guard base should be positioned near the center of the horizontal tub edge. When positioning the splash guard on the wall, avoid any vertical grout lines in tile or seams in tub surround that may prevent proper adhesion.
  2. Remove any excess caulk from tub and wall joint that may prevent guard from resting flush against the wall.
  3. Separate the base piece from the splash guard. Remove backing paper from base piece and install centered within the horizontal edge of the tub and flush against the wall.
  4. Remove backing paper from splash guard. Align splash guard onto the base piece and slide until flush with the wall. To ensure proper adhesion, apply pressure to vertical edge of the splash guard making certain it is flush against the wall. Shower may be used immediately after installation.
Can this be used on interchangeably on either side of my tub?

Yes, the splash guard can be used on either side of the tub or shower.

What are the dimensions of the guard?

It is 28” tall and 4.5” wide at it wideness point

It is 4” tall and 10” wide at the base

The Magic Splash Guard totals 28” tall and 10” wide. The upper guard area is 4.5” wide and the extension of the base is 4” tall.