Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser


When your counter and appliances aren't perfectly aligned, you need the Magic Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser to keep crumbs and utensils from falling into the gap.

Magic Gap Eraser for Counters & Appliances eliminates hard-to-clean dirt-catching gaps. Prevents food, water, grease and crumbs from falling and collecting between counters and appliances. Works great with ranges, dishwashers or even between washers and dryers. It is heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove gap eraser and adhesive non-slip pads from packaging.
  2. Try placing gap eraser into position to determine which side fits best against appliance. Note that the spine of the gap eraser is off-center so one orientation may work better than the other.
  3. Place on counter with spine facing up. Peel paper backing off of adhesive non-slip pads and apply them in regular intervals along the spine of the gap eraser on the side with the larger overlap to prevent movement once installed.
  4. Slide gap eraser into place in the orientation that works best and press adhesive pads into position.

Cleaning Instructions:

Wipe clean with mild soap and water.

What are the dimensions of the gap eraser?

1 ¾” x 20” (4.5cm x 50.8 cm)

Can this be used when countertops/appliances are different heights?

This product is recommended for surfaces which are nearly flush.

What is the gap eraser made of?

It is made of aluminum.

Instrucciones de instalación:

  1. Extraiga el tapahuecos y las almohadillas antideslizantes del embalaje.
  2. Ubique el tapahuecos en la posición deseada para ver qué lado se adapta mejor al electrodoméstico. Note que el lomo del tapahuecos no está centrado, de modo que una orientación puede ser mejor que otra.
  3. Colóquelo sobre la encimera con el lomo hacia arriba. Quite el papel protector de las almohadillas adhesivas antideslizantes y aplíquelas a intervalos regulares a lo largo del lomo del tapahuecos, sobre el lado con la solapa más grande para evitar movimientos una vez instalado.
  4. Ubique el tapahuecos en el sitio deseado con la mejor orientación y presione las almohadillas autoadhesivas para fijarlo.

Instrucciones de limpieza:

Limpiar con agua y jabón suave.