Shower Hook


For a simple, convenient option for hanging netted sponges, bath brushes and luffas choose Magic Shower Hook.

Magic Shower Hook is an easy solution to keep your shower area organized. Works great for holding wash cloths, body scrubbers, towels or robes.

  • Easy push button installation - no tools required
  • Suction cup designed for a strong hold
  • Redline Indicator alerts users when to press button to increase suction power

Recommended for: All smooth non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass/mirror, and acrylic. Not for use on porous or rough surfaces such as drywall or natural stone.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean wall surface where suction cup will be applied. Wipe off suction cup to remove any dust. Allow surfaces to dry completely before applying suction cup to wall.
  2. Position suction cup in desired location.
  3. Press center button firmly until the red line on button is no longer visible. If at any time the red line begins to show again, the suction cup is losing suction power. Simply press the button to reseal.

Removal Instructions:

To remove, pull the rubber tab on the suction cup away from the surface. Cleaning Instructions: Clean product, with mild soap and water as needed. Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide based cleaners.

How much weight can the hook hold?

It can hold up to 8lbs.

What surfaces will this best stick to?

It is recommended for all smooth, non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass and acrylic. Do not use on porous or rough surfaces such as drywall or natural stone.

Instrucciones de instalación:

  1. Limpie la superficie donde aplicará la ventosa. Limpie la ventosa para quitarle el polvo. Las superficies deben estar completamente secas antes de aplicar la ventosa en la pared.
  2. Coloque la ventosa en el lugar que desee.
  3. Presione el botón central firmemente hasta que la línea roja en el botón no se vea. Si en algún momento comienza a aparecer la línea roja, la ventosa se estará aflojando. Simplemente presione el botón para volver a ajustar.

Instrucciones de remoción:

Para remover, hale la pestaña de goma de la ventosa separándola de la superficie. Instrucciones de limpieza: Limpie el producto con agua y jabón suave según sea necesario. No use blanqueadores ni limpiadores con peróxido de hidrógeno.