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Stainless Steel

  1. Magic Spectacular Kitchen Pack
    Spectacular Kitchen Pack

    Experience the best looking kitchen with the Magic Spectacular Kitchen Pack. Includes cleaners and polishes for cooktop, granite and stainless steel.

    21.57 $21.57 Regular Price 22.47 $22.47
    Out of stock


  1. Cooktop & Stainless Cleaning Kit
    Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit

    Clean your kitchen less often and with better results with the Magic Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit. Harness the power of Stay Clean Technology!

    35.02 $35.02 Regular Price 36.95 $36.95
  2. Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish

    Achieve a thorough, scratch-free clean with Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish. It breaks down tough, burned-on food and leaves a lasting polish.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner

    For quick clean-ups without worrying about scratches choose Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner. Keep a bottle handy for after those messy meals.

    6.99 $6.99