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  1. Cooktop & Stainless Cleaning Kit
    Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit

    Clean your kitchen less often and with better results with the Magic Cooktop & Stainless Care Kit. Comes with free shipping!

    35.02 $35.02 Regular Price 36.95 $36.95
  2. Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish

    Achieve a thorough, scratch-free clean with Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish. It breaks down tough, burned-on food and leaves a lasting polish.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner
    Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner

    For quick clean-ups without worrying about scratches choose Magic Glass Cooktop Daily Cleaner. Keep a bottle handy for after those messy meals.

    6.99 $6.99