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Bathroom Cleaning

  1. Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner
    Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner

    Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner makes it easy to remove soap scum and hard water build-up from your shower doors and mirrors.

    7.75 $7.75
  2. Magic Grout Cleaner
    Grout Cleaner for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

    Take the work out of grout cleaning with Magic Grout & Tile Cleaner. It's fast-acting formula cleans grout quickly and effectively.

    7.49 $7.49
  3. Magic Mold & Mildew Cleaner
    Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

    Magic Mold & Mildew Stain Remover has four powerful cleaning agents which lift stains from the surface and sheeting action helps prevent new stains from appearing.

    7.49 $7.49
  4. Bathroom Cleaning Kit
    Bathroom Cleaning Kit

    The unappealing bathroom cleaning task can be a lot easier with the Magic Bathroom Cleaning Kit. It includes powerful cleaners with Stay Clean Technology and comes with free shipping.

    35.01 $35.01 Regular Price 37.21 $37.21

Bathroom Repair

  1. Apartment fix up kit
    Quick Apartment Fix Up Kit

    Whether you rent or own, this is a great package for taking care of common apartment problems. Kit includes cauling, mold stain cleaner, door knob wall protectors and grout cleaners.

    35.5 $35.50 Regular Price 36.47 $36.47

Stainless Steel

  1. Moving day cleaning kit
    Moving Day Clean-Up Kit

    Moving means cleaning. Deep, difficult cleaning. This kit makes the most difficult cleaning tasks easier. Includes cleaners for your oven, tub, grout, cabinets & countertops. Comes with free shipping.

    39.99 $39.99 Regular Price 43.44 $43.44