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Bathroom Accessories

  1. Large Splash Guard for Tubs & Showers
    Splash Guard - Large

    Prevent water from splashing out of your tub with the large, protective, easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard.

    Out of stock
  2. Splash Guard Kit
    Splash Guard Kit

    Prevent water from spilling out of your tub or shower with the easy-to-install Magic Splash Guard Kit.

  3. Magic Bath Mat
    Bathtub Mat

    Ease your worries of slipping and falling in the shower with the Magic Bathtub Mat.

    Out of stock
  4. Shower Basket with Suction Cups
    Shower Basket

    For an extra storage space in the shower, choose Magic Shower Basket. It can hold a variety of items to declutter your shelves, plus it's easy to install.

  5. Squeegee

    For expert cleaning of shower doors and mirrors you need the right tools. Use Magic Squeegee to keep your bathroom glass spotless.

  6. Shower & Tub Safety Treads
    Safety Treads

    Improve the safety of your bathtub with Magic Safety Treads. They adhere directly to the tub surface and provide a slip resistant surface for firmer footing in the tub.

  7. Soap Dish
    Soap Dish

    The Magic Soap Dish provides convenient, easy-to-install storage dish for your bar of soap.

  8. Shower Hook
    Shower Hook

    For a simple, convenient option for hanging netted sponges, bath brushes and luffas choose Magic Shower Hook.

  9. Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser
    Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser

    When your counter and appliances aren't perfectly aligned, you need the Magic Counter & Appliance Gap Eraser to keep crumbs and utensils from falling into the gap.