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Adhesive, Damage-Free Hooks

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Decorate your bathroom with Magic Damage-Free Hooks for convenience and ease. Need a place to hang your washcloth or loofa in the shower this is the perfect tool for the job. Put your things at the right height and placed where you want. Use in your sink, tub or shower a great solution to keep your bathroom organized.

  • Damage-Free hanging
  • Sink, shower, tub, tile – solutions to keep your bathroom organized and with out damage
  • Sticks to many surfaces – glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood and painted surfaces
  • Can work in wet and humid areas
  • Easy to mount with out any tools or nails
  • Put things at the right height and placed where you want


Where to install:

Flat surfaces that re larger than the adhesive tape such as tiles, finished wood surfaces, plastic stainless steel refrigerators, washing machines, steel furniture and other metallic surfaces. 

To apply:

  1. Clean & Dry Area: WIpe with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let area dry.
  2. Peel off one side of the paper backing carefully. Do not touch adhesive surface. Press firmly on the back of the hook. Peel other paper backing. Do not touch adhesive surface.
  3. Place hook in position and firmly press for 30 seconds
  4. Wait 24 hours before hanging anything from hook 

To remove:

  1. Hold hook firmly 
  2. Pull the adhesive tape downwards 
  3. Use damp cloth or fingers if there is any excess tape

Use only for designed purposes. Do not exceed max weight, Max weight may vary depending on surface adhesion strength.

Dónde instalar:

Superficies planas que sean más grandes que la cinta adhesiva, como azulejos, superficies de madera con acabados, plástico, acero inoxidable, neveras, lavadoras, mobiliario de metal y otras superficies metálicas.

Para aplicar:

  1. Limpiar y secar la zona: pasar un trapo por la zona con alcohol isopropilico y dejar secar el área.
  2. Depegar una cara del papel protector con cuidado. No tocar la superficie adhesiva. Presionar firmemente la parte posterior del colgador. Despegar el otro papel protector. No tocar la superficie adhesiva.
  3. Colocar el colgador en su lugar y presionar firmemente durante 30 segundos.
Para retirar:
  1. Sujetar el colgador firmemente
  2. Tirar de la cinta adhesiva hacia abajo 
  3. Usar un trapo húmedo o los dedos si hay cinta sobrante 
Precaución: Usar solamente para su finalidad original. No superar el peso máximo. El peso máximo podria variar en función de la fuerza de adhesión de la superficie.